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Birchdalearea.org is a collection of resources and information about Northwestern Koochiching County, located in far northern Minnesota on the Canadian border along the majestic Rainy River. The area is very rural, composed of a collection of unorganized townships with a few hamlets of houses mostly located on the east to west stretch of State highway 11 between State Highway 71 by International Falls and State highway 72 by Baudette. Birchdale is the biggest of the small communities and has Nelson’s General store, a U.S. Post Office, a Fire Hall, a County garage, a church and Community center.

The area has a rich history of settlers homesteading and clearing the land starting only a little over 100 years ago, but for various reasons much of the land was abandoned and turned back over to the state. The land located within a few miles of the Rainy River has been settled and farmed for a century now but the attempts to drain and settle the bog lands further south was abandoned and that land now is mostly is state forest and is managed for timber harvesting.

The major industries in the area are farming and logging. Recreational camping, hunting and fishing bring numerous visitors into the area during the different seasons. There are many “hunting camps” or cabins located throughout the woods on private land and on county leases. Several county parks with free camping sites and the Franz Jevne State park offer visitors places to camp. The state park has a few sites with electric hookups but the county parks have only rough camping sites. The Clementson Resort located on the Rapid River to the far west of the northwestern Koochiching area offers a few cabins for rent.

The River Valley Development Association (R.V.D.A) owns and operates the area’s Community building located in Birchdale, approximately 40 miles west of International Falls and 25 miles east of Baudette. The Community Building and grounds which include a softball field is available for rent to anyone who is looking for a place for meetings, celebrations, family reunions, seminars or other types of gatherings. The RVDA hosts several community fundraising events during the year to raise money to operate the center. Those events include a community 4th of July celebration, Pioneer Days in Birchdale, the North American Sturgeon Championship and a Family Oktober Fest. The area’s Men’s Slow-pitch Softball team rents the center and hosts a tournament each year and a Deer Hunters Dance every November and the Birchdale United Congregational Church also puts on several community dinners during the year and a Cookie-walk & Crafts fair in December.

Our beautiful area, from Loman in the east to Clementson in the west, offers visitors a variety of parks and trails where they can camp, fish, hunt, snowmobile, bird watch, nature hike, do wildlife photography and much-much more. Please explore our website and come and visit us.